Bronx Writers’ Center Speed Writing Workshop


I really miss being able to write. When I was in high school, I’d write all day, I’d set the mood in my house with some candles and incense and some nice music. It was really inspiring…and sexy lol. But, I just felt like I was always in the zone and if I wasn’t, it wasn’t hard to get there. Fast forward to now with work and grad school, I seldom find the energy to put into my writing. And it sucks. There’s this awesome writing group I sometimes go to and whenever I do, I feel amazing afterwards, like some people do after church, I imagine.  The problem is that it takes place at member’s houses all over the city and there’s no way I’m coming from Castle Hill on a weeknight and heading to Bed-Stuy or even the LES. So, when Nicole (a.k.a. Bronx Mama) suggested we go to one of the Bronx Writers’ Center’s free workshops this week, I was all for it.

Led by director Maria Romano, the group – an eclectic mix of young and young at heart, from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds- wrote in brief 15 minute bursts on a variety of prompts. Maria was excellent at creating a welcoming atmosphere, banishing judgment and criticism, most of which comes from ourselves, from the group.  The beauty of creative writing  is how many different ways people can manipulate a prompt. No two stories were the same. BWC will be holding another workshop next month and I’ll be sure to post information so you all can check it out. It was so great to finally experience a taste of the Bronx literary scene.