Bronx Bloggers Dinner at Travesias

Hello! I have barely been in my kitchen all week, I’ve been spoiling myself by going out almost every night for dinner, I blame Travesias for setting the bar so high that my own cooking is unacceptable.

Monday, the Latin fusion restaurant hosted the Bronx Bloggers for dinner. I think I’m salivating just remembering it. The owner, Brian, was extremely friendly, accommodating, and helpful when explaining all of the delicious fare.

We started off with seemingly endless pitchers of “La Secreta” sangria, which is a top secret recipe, which probably makes it even more delicious.

Next, we noshed on coconut shrimp with pina colada sauce, crab rangoon, rice balls, and my favorite the to’chimi sliders-a twist on your average sliders by substituting buns for tostones.

If that wasn’t enough, (those were just the appetizers!) we had a medley of rice with pork and a fried egg for our entree.

I don’t know how we were able to do it, but finally came the desert, which, of course, we devoured. We received some warm bread pudding topped with vanilla ice cream and to our surprise, a Bronx Bloggers themed banana and nutella topped cheesecake.

Seriously, don’t wait to make your journey to Travesias.

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