My Travel Personality

Something I touched on briefly in my Shediac post is my travel personality. Let’s first start off with what exactly that means. Your travel personality dictates where you stay and what you do while on vacation. Some people like to just chill on vacation; you’re not going to see them hiking, zip lining, or anything like that. They just want an escape from their ordinary lives. Others are thrill seekers, they’re going to be zip lining, bungee jumping, scuba diving, all of that.

For me, I’m somewhere in between. I love cities, so when I travel, I’m not too interested in lounging on a beach the whole time or hiking up some mountain. That’s not to say I don’t do these things while on vacation, but I like to see other urban areas and how other countries have defined what it is to live in “the city.”

What does this look like in action?

Location, Location, Location

I usually end up going to the capital city, think: Buenos Aires, Cape Town (did you know South Africa has three capital cities?!), and London. I like cities because you’ll find ordinary citizens living their daily lives, not just tourists taking selfies everywhere. Even though I’m technically a tourist when I go abroad, I don’t act like one. I figure the same way we hate the disrespectful way many tourists behave when they come to New York, other people in other cities must hate it too. I also am annoying and talk about how similar or different everything is to New York. I’m working on it.

Getting Around

I also hate driving. I’m a stereotypical New Yorker and got my license as an adult. So when I travel I like to be centrally located near public transit or at least in a place where I can catch a cab pretty easily. I love walking so once I’ve got some comfortable shoes, I have no problem going for a long walk to check out a new and fascinating place.


I like a good mix of active, physical activities and time to relax, go shopping, etc. I like to be amongst the locals when I travel, so of course I’ll check out tourist attractions, but I also like to check out hidden gem cafe or local boutiques. I also am not opposed to curling up and watching a movie or taking a nap. Actually, naps are a must.


I’ll do a full packing post in the future, but because it is a part of my travel personality, I’ll touch on it briefly. I try to be a minimalist when packing because I like to avoid checking my bag. I don’t like to wait when I get off of the plane. I just want to take my stuff and start my adventure (or head home!). So I try to have a carry on for the overhead and a book bag with my essentials and entertainment.

Once you’ve figured out your travel personality, you’ll have a much easier time planning your trip, especially when traveling with others.

What’s your travel personality? Feel free to share in the comments!