A Toast to Tosca

Alliteration much? Anyway, I finally decided (with lots of input from my friend Jess) to make Tosca my last stop during Savor the Bronx. As mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, I went to school out in Throggs Neck and passed it everyday and never went in. This probably has more to do with my association of the 40/42 busses with school, so it was nothing personal.

Tangents aside, I’d seen online that they had expanded with Tosca Marquee, which piqued my interest as well. What was great is that I went with two non-Bronxites and their first impression of the restaurant was “Wow, this doesn’t even look like it’s in the Bronx,” which in its own unique, backhanded way, is one of the highest compliments a non-Bronxite can give a Bronx establishment.

Their restaurant week menu consisted of a choice of three appetizers, four entrees, and three desserts.  The entrees included chicken marsala, baked ziti, and chicken francese- which is what I ordered. My friends ordered the ziti, chicken marsala, and a California roll. We sampled each other’s food and everything was delicious (I did not have a taste of the California roll, I’m not too crazy about sushi). For dessert, I ordered the mini cannolis, which were pretty good.

Bottom line, go there. Tosca was already pretty well known, being Zagat rated and all, but I do think it’s worth the hype. There was an eclectic crowd making it the perfect spot for a date, family dinner, or girls night out (or the male equivalent of that).

I know most of my more recent posts have been food-centric, so I’m going to leave that to Baron Ambrosia for a bit and scope out some upcoming events.

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Finally! Bronx Restaurant Week Announced

After being the only borough without an official restaurant week, Savor the Bronx, the first annual Bronx restaurant week has been announced.

Produced by the Bronx Tourism Council and the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp., it’s set to take place from November 1–13 and features 15 different restaurants.

This is a really great opportunity to showcase the borough’s culinary awesomeness, however, I am surprised that more restaurants aren’t participating. [I really would’ve loved two of my favorite Bronx eateries, Bruckner Bar and Grill and Taqueria Tlaxicalli offer up some specials]. Plus, Applebee’s is NOT a Bronx restaurant. Geographically, sure, but you can’t tell me that there weren’t any other restaurants originally from the Bronx that wanted to jump in and participate in this. The lunch special they’re offering is the lunch special they offer everywhere. Come on, now. [end rant]

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to checking out Z’Novia, Ice House Cafe & Restaurant, and the Bronx Ale House. I’ve been mulling over going to Tosca. I passed by it everyday on my way to school, but never went in. And five years later, I still haven’t visited. I feel like I’d rather give these lesser known (well maybe not the Bronx Ale House, they’ve got a solid following) restaurants a shot.

What restaurants are you looking forward to visiting OR what Bronx restaurants do you think should’ve made the cut?