From City Island, With Love

I was worried that I wouldn’t get to go to City Island this summer, but today I finally got a chance to. I know many people consider the end of summer to be Labor Day, but I see no reason to cut the season short.

Today was the beginning of the City Island Arts and Crafts Fair where artisans from all over line the– I was going to say streets, but technically it’s just that one big road with booths and table of handmade goods.

I bought these gorgeous earrings from Tsanzi Kenya, the two ladies at the table were super nice and helpful.

I also stopped by a yard sale, there were a bunch of them going on, and bought a ring and a cup of lemonade from a little girl. I once tried to have a lemonade stand when I was younger, I think I literally had one customer, so hopefully she fared better.

Punky Glamour  also had a table with some very cool subway map themed lightswitch plates and coasters, but at that point I was low on cash, insert sad face.

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I couldn’t go to CI without making a stop at one of the fine dining options at the end of the island, Johnny’s Reef and Tony’s Pier. I’ll note that those italics are used in a completely sarcastic tone. Both have what my father refers to as “an element,” but I don’t go to either for the company the restaurants keep, it’s all about the food and the drinks. I had to get my obligatory pina colada and I was set.

But, I’m making a public plea for people to please stop feeding those nasty seagulls that hover around the outdoor dining spaces like a scene from The Birds.

Aside from that, the fair will be going on tomorrow as well from 11 a.m. –7 p.m., so you should stop by if you have a chance.