Bronx Native American Festival Tomorrow in Pelham Bay Park

Tomorrow at Pelham Bay Park, the annual Bronx Native American Festival will take place from 12-4 pm. I’ve posted about the festival before, but this upcoming one is of particular interest to me because the Boyfriend who runs Native Tec will be selling his beautiful handmade jewelry this time. So stop by and support!

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Happy Birthday to Me (and the blog)!

Last week, I celebrated my 24th birthday with friends and family keeping everything pretty low key with dinner at Thirty3  Sixty3 Steakhouse, karaoke at Bronx Beer Hall, and a barbecue in Pelham Bay Park. I celebrate both my birthday and the anniversary of the blog, since both are in May!

I was glad to finally have a chance to check out Thirty3 Sixty3. First of all, I love steak. It’s probably one of the main things preventing me from becoming a vegetarian. I ordered the churrasco steak, which was flavorful and cooked exactly the way I requested (medium-well!) The servers brought me a cheesecake and sang Happy Birthday, which I appreciated. And, Jimmy Vacca even stopped by. (Not to see me. We don’t know each other. But he was there.)

If you follow me on Twitter, (if you don’t, go do so now. I’ll wait…..) you’ll know how much I love the Bronx Beer Hall, but last Saturday was my first time doing karaoke there. They have “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” which is pretty much all the proof you need to know how awesome it is. (No one has Scotty Doesn’t Know! Not even Karaoke Killed the Cat!)

Check out some photos below, including  in which my hair mimics that of an 8 year old boy’s. :/

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Pelham Bay Park is my Backyard

…actually I’m pretty sure it’s many Bronxites’ backyard. But, I’m just going to pretend that it’s my backyard and I’m just being super courteous by letting others hang out in it.  A couple of weeks ago when my allergies were killing me, I had a severe case of cabin fever and just wanted to relax outside. So I gathered up some food in my picnic basket (yes, I own a picnic basket!) and headed to the  park. It was awesome.



P.S. I’m super backlogged on posts so expect to be hit with like 10,000 in the next couple of days!

P.P.S. Happy Bronx Week!!!!

Annual Bronx Native American Festival

Before I really jump into this post, I have to say that dating a Native American at a powwow or festival is a little bit what I would imagine dating a celebrity is like. People just approach wanting to take pictures and whatnot. I just stand awkwardly with confidence on the side.  I just wonder what they do with them when they get them printed or put them on Facebook, like ‘Oh look, here’s me with a real live Native American!’….but I digress.

The festival was held last Sunday, Sept. 30th in Pelham Bay Park and was hosted by well-known Taino storyteller Bobby Gonzalez.  Though not as big as a powwow, the festival had several vendors selling jewelry, prints, and clothing and there was a pretty good turnout.

The highlight of the festival was Thirza Defoe’s storytelling and hoop dancing. I’m going to let the video and photos below speak for itself:

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Does the Bronx need another golf course?

A sign of things to come?

Undoubtedly you’ve heard about the newly proposed golf course at Ferry Point Park. Spearheaded by real estate mogul Donald Trump, who I swear can sniff out an available plot of land from light years away, it obviously hasn’t been without controversy.

I’m actually on the fence on this plan. The games are supposed to run at least $100 and considering that the Bronx is one of  the poorest counties in the state, it’s kind of like adding salt to a wound. (Granted, I have never experienced this, but I imagine it must hurt a lot.) On the other hand, if done right, it could help the borough out by creating these living wage jobs that our BP is all about and help boost profits for local businesses. Like I said, it would have to be done right.

Capitalism’s the American way, so I can’t fault Trump for doing what he does (in this case anyway). But, FYI, I do not support having my tax dollars put towards a game I do not even consider a real sport. (It’s not a sport if you wear polo shirts and khakis.) This could easily be a repeat of that whole Yankee Stadium fiasco.

But in the interest of fair competition, let’s not forget  that the Bronx already has a few golf courses, and affordable ones at that.

1. Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course (Bailey Ave. and Van Cortlandt Park South) was the first public golf course in the U.S. Allegedly, there have been issues in the past with people being mugged on the course. Hmmmm. *side eye*

2. Mosholu Golf Course (3545 Jerome Ave.) actually has a number of programs to help people of all ages learn to play the game.

3. Pelham/Split Rock Golf Courses (870 Shore Rd.) The existence of these courses just goes to show how bajillion time bigger/better Pelham Bay Park is than Central Park. It’s so massive, there are TWO golf courses inside. And I have seen neither.

There you go, three viable and cheaper options than Mr. Trump’s super-course. I mean, who plays golf anyway?

The Bronx Riviera (via charles le brigand)

Check out this collection of photos by Stephane Missier a.k.a Charles le Brigand taken at Orchard Beach. He definitely captured some of the borough’s most colorful characters!

The Bronx Riviera By the time I got to Orchard Beach, I was jet-lagged and needed a moment to adjust and cope with the environment. It took me almost two hours to get there from Brooklyn. I first got on the G train, then the blue line for a few stops, then hopped on the 4 uptown express train at Fulton Street to 125th street in Harlem, and then the 6 local train all the way up to Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx. The ride was a bit lengthy, but got more entertaining o … Read More

via charles le brigand