New Blog Feature – EVERY* Single Place Ever Featured on The Bronx Socialite All on One Map!

To be entirely honest, I have been trying my best to remain a hermit this entire month. I don’t mind the cold but I hate frigid weather and sought solace in Netflix and my couch for the most part. My bad.

But, I figured I didn’t have to leave the house necessarily to be productive, so I started to get to work on a map I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while now. It’s a map of every single place that’s been featured on the blog since I started it back in April 2011. Well, almost every place. See, some places have closed (R.I.P. Z’novia & PeaceLove!) and thus, are not featured on the map.

I’ve also broken it down into categories so you can browse a bit easier -art and music, food and drink, shopping, etc.

It was really helpful in showing me where I’ve been ( a lot of places!) and where I still need to venture. I haven’t shown Hunts Point much love and Wakefield hasn’t gotten any either. (Not that I haven’t ventured to these neighborhoods, I for some reason haven’t posted about my adventures there!)

So let me know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook, where I should visit!

Snow Day in Crotona Park

I  can’t explain the joy I felt Friday morning when I didn’t have to go to work because of the blizzard. Nothing more perfect than a snow day on a Friday! To celebrate, I went to Crotona Park’s free Snow Day on Saturday. After any sizable snow storm in NYC, the Parks Department hosts free sledding events in all five boroughs. I used to own a sled when I was a kid and would slide down the stairs in the backyard and I hadn’t done any sledding since. So, 15 years later, I had a chance to take part in one of my favorite childhood pastimes and sled with reckless abandon, forgetting about all adult b.s. for just a few  minutes. Plus, if you check out the video, you’ll see I made a friend on my adventures (He wipes out almost half way down lol).

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