Perfect Beach Day

Having spent two weeks in South Africa, where it is currently winter (though of course nothing like the brutal winter we experience here), I came back feeling like my NYC summer was slipping through my fingers. Where did all the time go?! Remember that Bronx summer bucket list I made?  I’m maybe only half way through and yesterday was the first time I made it to Orchard Beach this summer! This is partially because making the trek from Bedford Park to the beach on the bus is daunting (though, it’s honestly not that bad) compared to being able to get there in 20 minutes from Castle Hill.

Anyway, I finally made it. It was the perfect temperature, there was a nice breeze, and I was able to get some writing done. Win win win.

What I love about the beach is that it’s the perfect broke person activity. Bring whatever you have at home and you are all set. No need to spend any money (unless you happened to be tempted to buy a nutcracker, but even so, you could probably just make your own…but like, you wouldn’t, because you would NEVER drink alcohol on the beach, right?)


beach 2

Snacks from home

beach 3

Entertainment – if you don’t know about Catstax, you’re missing out!


7 Things I’m Looking Forward to in the Bronx This Summer

Photowalk with Bronx Narratives and Dandy in the Bronx I’m really excited to partner up with these awesome Bronxites to explore Crotona Park.  Hopefully we’ll see you there!


Boogie on the Boulevard the “largest Open Streets” festival in the Bronx is back, shutting down the center lane of Grand Concourse so people can bike, do yoga, read books, enjoy live music, create art, and so much more. I volunteered at the last one, but there are still two more left this summer!

Attending Sunset Wednesdays at Wave Hill – I’m going to put my new IDNYC membership to good use at this annual summer series.

Having a picnic while watching a movie outdoors

Lounging on Orchard Beach – I don’t care what anyone says, I love Orchard Beach and have always had a great time there. The key is to be in the right section (but you’re buggin’ if you think I’m going to reveal which one that is!)

Photograph by Shannon McGee

Sipping piña coladas on City Island – (usually after a trip to Orchard Beach.)

Going for a swim at the Floating Pool in Barretto Point Park – This one has been on my list for a while, but this year I’m making it my mission to get out to this unique pool at least once!


The Bronx Riviera (via charles le brigand)

Check out this collection of photos by Stephane Missier a.k.a Charles le Brigand taken at Orchard Beach. He definitely captured some of the borough’s most colorful characters!

The Bronx Riviera By the time I got to Orchard Beach, I was jet-lagged and needed a moment to adjust and cope with the environment. It took me almost two hours to get there from Brooklyn. I first got on the G train, then the blue line for a few stops, then hopped on the 4 uptown express train at Fulton Street to 125th street in Harlem, and then the 6 local train all the way up to Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx. The ride was a bit lengthy, but got more entertaining o … Read More

via charles le brigand

The Riviera of New York City?

That’s the title uber-urban planner Robert Moses gave to Orchard Beach when it was first created. I’ve always been a fan of it, for its proximity to my house and to City Island, which is great to go to after a day of sunbathing and lazing around.

I’ve also been hearing contradicting stories of there being a nude section (can anyone confirm/deny this?), I wouldn’t know as I go to the same section every time.

Today, I was really disappointed, though. The beach was the dirtiest I’ve ever seen it and it didn’t help that people kept feeding those roving gangs of industrial size seagulls.

Regardless, I got some relaxation in after a very stressful week. And speaking of Orchard Beach, check out the summer snapshot I did there for the NY Daily News a few weeks ago.

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