I Survived Nightmare Z-Day!

Anyone who’s ever had to go to the DMV on Commerce Ave. knows how creepy of a walk it is, like “Seriously, where the hell is this place?” (and this is why I haven’t gone to get my permit yet, not procrastination or anything…)

This makes it the perfect location for a haunted house – enter Nightmare Z-Day. Housed in what looks like an old car repair shop, I must say that it’s one of my favorite haunted houses I’ve been to. It’s also the only one I’ve been to where the characters actually interact with you, but I won’t say much else so I don’t ruin the experience.

The set-up was really creative and the make-up amazing. I love all of the work that went into it and hope it returns next year.

You’re not allowed to take pictures, but I did take a couple while I was on line. Check them out below!

On a completely unrelated note, more restaurants were added to the Savor the Bronx line-up, including some in City Island and Little Italy. Now I really don’t know where I’m going to go!