Nightmare Z-Day in the Bronx

So, today I learned that the classic, annual  Nightmare haunted house will be held in the Bronx this year – by Westchester Sq. to be precise. I am beyond excited for a number of reasons:

1.When the hell do we ever have cool shit like this in the Bronx, let alone the east side? [Ed. Note: This is not to say that we don’t already have cool shit, I’m simply referring to the scale of the event!]

2.  Halloween is my favorite holiday (next to my birthday of course, which is Memorial Day). I plan my costumes about a year in advance and take planning it out very seriously. Plus, who doesn’t love AMC’s horror movie marathon?

3. This will give a huge financial boost to the area and is it just me or ever since that big fire a couple of years ago, there’s just been this strange void (aside from the obvious crater in the ground) in the area? We definitely need something to attract people over here that’s not the DMV.

This year’s theme is a zombie invasion and allegedly Commerce Ave. has been deemed “safe” for the time being until the zombies progress further south from Upstate. Click here to find out all the details.