What Would You Name Your Sandwich?

I came across this article while digging around the New York Times’ website that came out back in September. I often give the Times a lot of shit for a number of things, including: being overly verbose, getting to the party late (meaning: reporting on something that actual locals have known for ages and they just happened to find out 6 months later about), and letting the rest of the city know about the awesome places that I know about and don’t want to share (Taqueria Tlaxcalli!).

However, I can definitely give credit where it’s due. The profile of City Island spot, Papa John’s Deli, where sandwiches are named after loyal customers, paints a really great portrait of the place, filled with characters. My favorite quote  is from a customer named Martin Balassi, ” “The Carnegie Deli names their sandwiches after famous people — well, these people are famous to us.”

I definitely need to pay a visit to Papa John’s Deli. Have any of you been there? If you had a sandwich, what would be in it and what would you want it to be named? (For the record: The Bronx Socialite would have grilled chicken, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. And a deli pickle on the side.)

Dinner at Taqueria Tlaxcalli


This beautiful sight is the braised pork burrito from Taqueria Tlaxcalli. Located at 2103 Starling Ave. (just a couple storefronts down from the well-known Bangladeshi spot Neerob.) This past week, the New York Times wrote a profile on TT. Granted, it’s a fine article and because I love this place so much I know they deserve the press. But I’m conflicted because since beginning my love affair with this place a year ago, it’s been one of my favorite hidden gems in the borough. Now, the Times wants to come in and tell the world! I actually had to wait on line to be seated tonight! *GASP*

Honestly, though, this place is awesome and if you haven’t been there yet, you’re missing out.