Imagining a South Bronx Version of MTV’s Cribs

One of the very few things that could motivate me to clean my room as a teenager was the dream that someday, somehow I could be on MTV Cribs. I had all kinds of scenarios in which I would lead the camera crew through my house and to my bedroom, “where the magic happens.” (Though, tbh, the only magical thing happening there was the 14-hour slumbers I was able to pull off. Ah, to be 16.)

So, I’ll never get to be on MTV Cribs, since it’s no longer on (yes, that’s the reason) but a really cool project from ID Studio Theater here in the Bronx is giving some South Bronx residents a chance to show off their homes as part of the “Mott Haven Home Movies: South Bronx Cribs” project.

The idea behind the project is to teach residents to shoot and edit their own episode of “Cribs” to show what living in the South Bronx means to them. This is so so so important in the face of the battle we must fight against gentrification and the displacement of Bronx residents.

Currently, funds are being raised to supplement the grant the project received from the Bronx Council on the Arts. To read more about the project and/or donate, click here. 

***Please note that the project is not affiliated with MTV Cribs.***


Savor the Bronx: Pio Pio

For my second pick of my now annual Savor the Bronx culinary adventure, I headed to Pio Pio . This Mott Haven “hidden gem” specializes in Peruvian fare (they also have Manhattan and Queens locations). It’s just a quick walk from the Cypress Ave. train station, so definitely not Riverdale like Oregano, but our French-Iberian friends could certainly learn a few things from them.

Pros: OMG their chicken! As part of the Savor the Bronx prix fixe dinner, which included a simple house salad, rotisserie chicken with Peruvian Chinese fried rice, and flan, this chicken is seasoned with something from above. It is that good, especially with this mysterious green pepper sauce that enhances the flavor of everything. The flan was also very good and delicately decorated with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I can’t speak to the food’s authenticity, but it was delicious. We ordered a pitcher of sangria that was sweet, but not overbearing. The waiters were helpful, attentive, and friendly.

Cons: It was a bit chilly because they had no heat, but this was only a few days post-Sandy, so I assume that they normally have heat (hopefully). The only other thing I can think of is trying to convince someone who is still afraid of the South Bronx to go here. You guys know Idgaf , I will go anywhere in the Bronx, because I feel like native Bronxites and native New Yorkers for that matter need to get over these stupid stigmas like “Oh, I don’t go to xyz place.”

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Happy Birthday

So my birthday (and coincidentally the 1 year anniversary of The Bronx Socialite) was late May on a Wednesday of all days. And for the record, Wednesday birthdays kinda suck because you can’t really do it justice, so I had two birthday celebrations. One on my actual birthday, which was spent at EL Habanero (43 Bruckner Blvd.) Mexican is my favorite cuisine, so it was only fitting that I have some on my birthday. Now, instead of going to my favorite Taqueria Tlaxicali or even Estrellita Poblana, I decided to try somewhere new.

I went for an early dinner, a.k.a we just missed the lunch special 😦 . The place is medium-sized and our waitress was very nice and attentive. When you order the guacamole, they actually come out next to your table and make it in front of you.  I ordered the quesadillas, which come with a side of rice and beans. I could barely finish it, I was so full.

That Sunday, I invited my friends (there were 15 of us!) to The Clock Bar for brunch. I’d been to this space before back when it was an art gallery and I was practically drooling over how awesome the pictures looked on the bar’s website. If I were to ever own my own bar, it would look just like The Clock Bar. Our host Roger (I forgot to ask if he was the owner or manager) was AWESOME. By far, one of, if the, best service experiences I’ve ever had at a restaurant. He put together a prix fixe menu for us featuring the breakfast pizza, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce (photo below), and a belini or mimosa and was just generally a very cool dude. The place totally captured my heart and quite possibly can give the Bruckner Bar and Grill a run for its money as my favorite Bronx bar. We’ll see.

Check out the photos from my birthdays at El Habanero and The Clock Bar:

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