What Exactly Does One Do on Anthrax Day?

BP Diaz has declared today ‘Anthrax Day’ in honor of members of the metal band Anthrax that grew up in the Bronx and the Big 4 concert at Yankee Stadium also featuring Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth. In celebration, local businesses will have Big 4 themed drink and food specials.

But it got me thinking, what does the average person do on Anthrax Day besides booze it up at the Yankee Tavern? Should I give Anthrax-themed presents to my friends? Go door to door singing songs?

I’m totally being facetious here. I honestly don’t know any Anthrax songs and only know of Scott Ian from the I love the… series. Sue me. I know slightly more about Metallica (you can occassionally find me listening to St. Anger), but am generally quite clueless about the rest of the Big 4.

Have the Bronxite members of Anthrax done anything for the Bronx? And I ask this out of pure curiosity because I don’t know (and I encourage someone to enlighten me), but if this is because they just happen to be from the Bronx and happen to be in a famous metal band, then I don’t know how I feel about dedicating a whole day for the borough to acknowledge anually from here on out. [ Or is it annual? I haven’t read much about this being a one time thing or not]

In that case, I’d like to petition for my own day, Bronx Socialite Day in which we get the day off from work, drink vodka, and dress up in costumes for the hell of it. And I’m being serious. Let’s make this happen.