I Feel Like We Could Use a Lil Positivity Right About Now

I’ve been trying to save money lay low and harness my creativity, so I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors trying to remember how to relax. Around this time of year I also get really down on myself about not accomplishing certain goals I set for myself for the year or not yet being where I want to be in life. 

Times like these suck, there’s no way around it, but, not to get too sappy on you guys, it’s important to hang on to that small shred of hope, no matter how small. It’s like I tell my coworkers – I try to think of something positive everyday, even if I have to get to the bare facts – “I’m alive, I’m fairly healthy, I have a job…”

I’m going to leave this video for the song “Make It Better” by Bronxite Jann Klose right below for when you need a little pick me up, that sliver of hope. In addition to its uplifting message, it features scenes from our borough (as well as those other ones lol)