Second Annual New York Pizza Festival Returns to Little Italy This Weekend!

The second annual New York Pizza Festival makes its return to Little Italy this weekend, October 5 and 6, 12:00 pm- 5:00 pm.  The festival will feature pizza from 25 different restaurants across the country, including local spots like the Bronx’s own, Pugsley Pizza.  Click here to purchase tickets. Nicole from Bronxmama and I got to check out the preview a couple months back and I’m so excited to see what’s in store!


Ferragosto Feast

Ever since attending my first Ferragosto a couple of years back, it’s become an event I look forward to each year. Seriously, how can anyone pass up an opportunity to eat food made with fresh ingredients followed by delicious desserts and maybe even a glass of wine? I personally can never pass up some sausage and peppers (I don’t even get it anywhere else because I know it won’t be as good!)  and a cannoli.

A cool feature of this year’s Ferragosto was the debut of Little Italy of the Bronx’s new Tuscan wheat pasta line. I’m generally very skeptical of “alternative” pastas, but I tried a sample and was really impressed. You can’t tell the difference and of course you have the added benefit of a healthier option. The best part is that it’s available in local supermarkets – I actually randomly came across the marinara sauce in the Morton Williams by Kingsbridge.

Be sure to support your local businesses and make sure you check out next year’s Ferragosto Feast!






Food History of Arthur Ave. Panel Recap

Thursday, the Museum of Food and Drink hosted a panel on the food history of Arthur Avenue featuring Chris Borgatti of Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles, David Greco of The Original Arthur Avenue Italian Deli (AKA Mike’s Deli), Carmela Lucciola of Egidio Pastry Shop,Vera and Pietro Terranova of Terranova Bakery, and Angel Hernandez the Education Coordinator at the Bronx County Historical Society, moderated by  Rocco Marinaccio, PhD, Professor of English at Manhattan College.

Taking place at the beautiful Amazing Space on 187th St., the owners shared the origin stories of each of their businesses, which have been passed down from generation to generation. Though each had a unique perspective to bring to the table, they all emphasized the importance of creating quality products that keep people coming back for more.

Afterward, we all got to chow down on food from the panelists’ businesses as well as the Teitel Brothers. I couldn’t have spent my evening in a better way – sipping wine, munching on bread, pasta, cheese, and topping it all off with fresh cannoli.

Amazing Spacebread

Join the Museum of Food and Drink for a Conversation on the Food History of Little Italy

It’s no secret that Arthur Avenue is one of the top food destinations in the Bronx. With so many places to choose from, you’re never at a loss for some delicious Italian fare. This Thursday, June 9, 2016, the Museum of Food and Drink is hosting Arthur Avenue: Small Town Charm, Big City Appetite, a conversation about the food history of Arthur Avenue. Taking place in Amazing Space, the panel will be moderated by Dr. Rocco Marinaccio of Manhattan College and include Angel Hernandez of the Bronx County Historical Society, plus local business owners David Greco of Mike’s Deli, Gil Teitel of Teitel Brothers, and Vera Terranova of Terranova Bakery.  After the talk, there will be a tasting from the local restaurants. Yum! (Reasonably priced!) Tickets can be purchased online here.


Easter Dinner at Blue Mediterranean

When I was a kid, Easter was one of my favorite holidays. I loved Easter egg hunts and of course, all of the candy. We weren’t really church going people, but my extended family is, and we would usually all gather for Easter dinner at my grandmother’s house. Unfortunately, she is in hospice care, so we now have to create a new tradition.

This year, we decided to stop by Blue Mediterranean in Little Italy. I’d passed by this place so many times and decided it was time to finally stop in.

The lights were dimmed, so it was a bit too dark to take a picture of the decor, but the ambience is like you’ve been teleported straight to the Mediterranean (or so I imagine, it’s on my long list of places to go!) with beautiful arches throughout the restaurant.

We started our dinner off with drinks – I opted for a glass of prosecco, while my mother chose the sangria.

For our appetizer, we selected the fried calamari, which was perfection and came with delectable marinara sauce and a green aioli.

For our entrees, my mother went with the black sea bass, while my sister and I decided to share the seafood linguini and the swordfish. Everything was very fresh and tasty.

We finished off our meal with dessert – baklava, tiramisu, and chocolate mousse. Yum.


Ferragosto 2015

Ferragosto, an Italian festival that celebrates the end of the harvest season and typically celebrated in August, came to the Bronx’s Little Italy this past Sunday (marking over 15 years of the celebration of the occasion in the neighborhood).

This was my first Ferragosto and I now know it will certainly not be my last. I only took one picture because I was constantly stuffing my face (good thing I dragged my ass to the gym that morning.) People came from all over, crowding the booths and vendors to indulge in the best that Arthur Ave. has to offer.  I had a sausage and peppers sandwich (sweet) from Vincent’s Meat Market that changed my life. It was so delicious and you could tell all of the ingredients were super fresh. I also had a cannoli from Madonia’s Bakery where they fill it beyond the shell for just $1.50.

We also sampled some wine and cider from La Cantina Wine & Liquors and ended up buying Mochetto and True Believer Hard Cider. Tirado Distillery, based right here in the Bronx, was also providing a tasting of their corn whiskey mixed with passionfruit juice. I’m not typically a whiskey drinker, but I will certainly make an exception because it was smooth and the flavors blended together so well.

Right before it began to rain, we settled in at John’s Pizza for some fried calamari and a Margherita pizza. We walked back home — about a 20 minute walk — because we had to burn off all of those calories somehow!