Bronx Priest Starts His Own Clothing Line

Check out this great Wall St. Journal piece on a Bronx priest who’s created his own clothing line, Goods of Conscience.

Father Andrew O’ Connor set up shop in the basement of Holy Family Church in Castle Hill, where each of the pieces are made. Many of the parishoners have joined Fr. O’Connor in creating the line, including Maria Rivas, the head seamstress. Each piece is made with fabric woven together in Guatemala. The article also mentions that he’s looking to branch out into other products and enlist the help of local residents. He’s also partnered with the Bronx Brewery to grow hops behind the church.

I think it’s great that Fr. O’Connor is so dedicated to helping the community and stimulate its economy. Who would ever expect a priest to launch his own clothing line?

Here’s their Crudo Weekend bag, which sells for $325: