A Lazy Summer Afternoon at Poe Park Greenmarket

As a teacher, I spend 10 months counting down until summer – when I can wake up whenever I want and do whatever I want! The problem is that when the temperature is over 85, it turns out that all I really want to do is sit on my couch in my pajamas and watch Netflix (FYI currently in heavy rotation are: Stranger Things, Mad Men, and Gilmore Girls.) In addition to dedicating time to writing, I try to do one productive thing a day. Yesterday, that was getting rid of 2 of the 3 bags I’ve had sitting in the corner of my room for months for textile recycling.

If you’re unfamiliar, textile recycling is how you can get rid of your old clothes and linens in an eco-friendly way. These are items that are just so far gone that they can’t be donated to a thrift shop. According to GrowNYC, 193,000 TONS of textiles end up landfills every year. I cannot imagine 193,000 tons of anything, let alone clothes just sitting in a heap of garbage.

BUT, here was dilemma – I was soon comfortable chilling in my pajamas! Plus, I had had not one, but TWO breakfast failures (#1 baked egg boat and #2 avocado toast…can’t leave out an avocado in this weather for more than a day without it going bad!) so how could I possibly venture outside to drop off the clothes?! What’s another week? Well, Fiancee convinced me to get my lazy self outside and so I did and it was painless.


Once I was there, I took in the aromas of fresh cilantro and onions and pondered (a bit too long) on whether or not I needed another jar of honey. In the end, I decided on a blueberry crumb pie from Francesca’s Bakery. Not a bounty of fruits and vegetables, but a pie.