Ferragosto Feast

Ever since attending my first Ferragosto a couple of years back, it’s become an event I look forward to each year. Seriously, how can anyone pass up an opportunity to eat food made with fresh ingredients followed by delicious desserts and maybe even a glass of wine? I personally can never pass up some sausage and peppers (I don’t even get it anywhere else because I know it won’t be as good!)  and a cannoli.

A cool feature of this year’s Ferragosto was the debut of Little Italy of the Bronx’s new Tuscan wheat pasta line. I’m generally very skeptical of “alternative” pastas, but I tried a sample and was really impressed. You can’t tell the difference and of course you have the added benefit of a healthier option. The best part is that it’s available in local supermarkets – I actually randomly came across the marinara sauce in the Morton Williams by Kingsbridge.

Be sure to support your local businesses and make sure you check out next year’s Ferragosto Feast!






Ferragosto 2015

Ferragosto, an Italian festival that celebrates the end of the harvest season and typically celebrated in August, came to the Bronx’s Little Italy this past Sunday (marking over 15 years of the celebration of the occasion in the neighborhood).

This was my first Ferragosto and I now know it will certainly not be my last. I only took one picture because I was constantly stuffing my face (good thing I dragged my ass to the gym that morning.) People came from all over, crowding the booths and vendors to indulge in the best that Arthur Ave. has to offer.  I had a sausage and peppers sandwich (sweet) from Vincent’s Meat Market that changed my life. It was so delicious and you could tell all of the ingredients were super fresh. I also had a cannoli from Madonia’s Bakery where they fill it beyond the shell for just $1.50.

We also sampled some wine and cider from La Cantina Wine & Liquors and ended up buying Mochetto and True Believer Hard Cider. Tirado Distillery, based right here in the Bronx, was also providing a tasting of their corn whiskey mixed with passionfruit juice. I’m not typically a whiskey drinker, but I will certainly make an exception because it was smooth and the flavors blended together so well.

Right before it began to rain, we settled in at John’s Pizza for some fried calamari and a Margherita pizza. We walked back home — about a 20 minute walk — because we had to burn off all of those calories somehow!