First Annual Bronx Hip Hop Block Party: A Briefing

Music lovers gathered at the Bronx Museum of the Arts for the first annual Bronx Hip Hop Block Party.

The crowd was a varied mix of young and old, proving that hip hop’s reach knows no bounds. Among the many artists present were Large Professor, Grand Wizard Theodore (who at one point closed his eyes and balanced a record on his head while mixing), and Lord Finesse. My personal favorite was DJ Leesy T.

The event was topped off with a surprise visit from Jim Jones and a performance by Cuban Link (check out his performance below).

Maya the B interviewed Jones, who discussed the importance of representing where you’re from and the artists that influenced him growing up. He seemed genuine and the kids were really excited to take pictures with him and get his autograph.

Overall, the event went well and I was exposed to some unknown-to-me great talent.

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