Feasting at Fish N Ting

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in Eastchester. Not having a car/ hating driving/hating  buses makes a bit difficult for me to get there, but there are definitely some gems up there. I was recently introduced to one – Fish N’ Ting. Located on bustling Boston Road, it’s easy to zoom right past it, but that would be a huge mistake.

The first thing you should do is request to sit outside. There’s a beautiful deck that’s enclosed during the winter and has heaters so you get the best of both worlds.

I ordered the rasta pasta with shrimp that was a massive portion and a henny colada. Usually I would side eye any place that has henny coladas, but they were very good. And very strong. I also had some of the rum punch, which was also delicious. My friends ordered the special which was a whole red snapper, which was amazing. I know I need to return soon to have one all to myself instead of just a bite. We also had absolutely no room for dessert, so I definitely need to come back and treat myself.

You can check them out on Yelp or Instagram.

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Perfect Spring Saturday

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the Daffodil Celebration and Wine Weekend at my backyard the New York Botanical Garden. After a long week of back to back rain, I was glad that it was not only sunny, but hot enough to break out my new maxi skirt. Win-win.

Last time I attended the Wine Weekend, I sampled so many delicious wines and even took one home with me! My favorites Brotherhood Winery and Winemakers New York,  were there among so many others. I got to sample a rose honey wine from Mysto Mead and a sweet blush wine from Hudson-Chatham Winery. I wanted to buy some pear cider from Brotherhood, but I waited until the end and they were sold out of everything!

It was also great to see the new CHIHULY exhibit. Dale Chihuly’s colorful and intricate glass sculptures enhance the beauty of the garden and are simply beautiful. To think of how much effort went into these sculptures is really breathtaking. See for yourself below and be sure to visit the New York Botanical Garden to check out the daffodils!



You Don’t Have to Leave the Bronx for Gorgeous Fall Foliage

I’ve been a bit M.I.A. from the blog lately because earlier this month, I got married. Not only did I get married, but we had three different wedding celebrations, so needless to say, I was kinda busy.

The day after the very last event, we decided to take a walk. To nowhere in particular, just to have a chill day to ourselves. This was right as some of the leaves started to turn. It made for a very nice, relaxing, and picturesque stroll. These were taken by Mosholu Parkway.


Mixed Feelings about Jonathan Adler’s Bronx Warehouse Sale

When I came upon Jonathan Adler’s post on Instagram about a warehouse sale this week in the Bronx, I had to do a bit of research. Where? How? And most importantly, why?

Before I began my research, the name seemed vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t tell you much more than that. I found that Jonathan Adler, a designer, make some cute, albeit very expensive stuff. Like $100 picture frames.

Anyway, I decided to check the interweb to see what the buzz was on the event before I headed down to Port Morris.

When I saw this post:


Note how it says “massive trek”.  So, immediately this made it clear to me that this secret warehouse sale is so secret that people in the Bronx are obviously not expected to go. I assure you that my 20 minute journey from Westchester Square to the warehouse on 138th was not massive or grueling in any way.

Now, once I got there, I recognized that there were some cute pieces – kitschy lion piggy banks, a gold-colored fox statue, and  a cool, Greek-inspired mug – but I was less moved by the price tags associated with the majority of the items (to be transparent, there were some mid priced items as well.) There’s no way I’m paying almost $600 for one chair or $70 for some pottery. It’s just not happening. Especially while I’m renting an apartment like a good chunk of the borough, I’m simply not willing to invest that much into my rental apartment, however cute it may be.

While I was there, I realized that I was having a moral dilemma. Some questions arose in my head:

  • Why would this company hold this warehouse sale in a neighborhood where the median income is $19,542?
  • Isn’t it a good thing that the Bronx should be the location of a sale of high end design products? However, there are some Mr. Moneybags Bronxites out here, don’t forget that. Maybe they want some of these designs and it’s nice that they can buy them in their home borough.
  • Isn’t it a bit of a slap in the face of the community, though? and further, what is this company actually doing for the Bronx? Are they simply just using us for our cheap warehouse space? (yes)

I picked up a few items and considered purchasing them – the snake mug ($10), a giant lion eraser (I just really like lions) – but in the end, it just didn’t sit right with me to give my money to this company. I thought – they didn’t even expect me, a Bronxite to be here, so why should I give them anything? So I left.

But I did snap some pictures, so if you are curious  and decide to stop by, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Further, I’d love for someone from the Jonathan Adler camp to reach out to me and see if we can address some of these questions.

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Enjoy FREE Films at Bronx Terminal Market’s Rooftop Film Series

If the heat and humidity of this past week is any indication, this summer is going to be one that will require me to be as relaxed as possible – and what better way than lounging around watching free movies outdoors?

The Bronx Terminal Market’s Summer Rooftop Film Series starts up Tuesday, June 24 with When Harry Met Sally and featuring a line up including blockbuster film Frozen (which I still have not seen), The Odd Life of Timothy Green, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. There’s also a bunch of pre-film festivities scheduled for you to enjoy if you show up early enough!

Check out the flier below for details.


Let’s help Bronx bakery, CakeItEasy, win $250,000!

Local family-owned bakery, CakeItEasy has applied for a $250,000 grant from Chase’s Mission Main Street grant program and they need our help! They need 250 online votes in order to be eligible for the grant.

How can you help? It’s simple! Follow this link  and cast your vote via Facebook Connect. You have until November 15, 2013 so get those votes in!

From CakeItEasy:

“CakeItEasy is a family owned and run business who are striving to grow and expand. Receiving this grant would be an unbelievable opportunity to make our quality homemade from scratch sweet treats more readily available to our current and future customers” said Monica Meola, Owner.

“A cupcake is a whole celebration that fits in your hand”

CakeItEasy provides personal service and attention to detail. Monica and the CakeItEasy team create the cakes and cupcakes that are the topic of conversation at every special event! CakeItEasy offers free delivery service in the Bronx and we will deliver to the other boroughs for a small fee. CakeItEasy is proud to be a “from scratch” bakery. Since we are a custom order bakery, we can devote the time to making your cake one of a kind sweet. You will not find mass produced cakes here! Give us a try, you will not be disappointed.

Please note that all orders are freshly baked to order from scratch using our own recipes and natural ingredients – positively no packaged baking mixes!

We are a company whose goal is to give the best products and service to our customers!


We look forward to making your event one to remember!

BP Diaz Pulls a Carrion

You guys know I hate to get political here, but I couldn’t just sit back while of this went down.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. declined to reappoint Mychal Johnson, chair of Community Board 1 from office, who has held the position for 7 years. If you’ve been following the Fresh Direct debacle, you know that Johnson was a strong opponent of Diaz’s Fresh Direct deal, giving the company $127.8 million in cash and tax breaks to move to a location in the South Bronx (source).

Now, no matter what side of the issue you’re on, a political figure removing those from the community who disagree with him/her debases the democratic system we have set up in this city, state, and country. I fully realize that it is the borough president’s job to appoint community board members ,but I say why not let the community decide who represents them?  What’s the point of even having community boards if when they disagree with the powers that be, they’ll just be removed from their positions? It’s a sham.

Let’s take a look back to the Yankee Stadium controversy, that bears a very striking resemblance to this situation. Then BP Adolfo Carrion (who’s running for mayor, so keep this in mind when you head to the polls in November) was all on board for the building of a new Yankee Stadium. The community board voted it down. What did he do? Removed them from their positions by demoting or replacing them. The plan cost $800 million.

It’s not okay for public officials to go against the will of the people. 

I get why some might not understand why people are so against the Fresh Direct deal, please allow South Bronx Unite to explain.  Prior to the deal, Fresh Direct drove straight through our borough to deliver to Westchester. Seriously? GTFO.

Welcome 2 the Bronx and DNA Info have more on the story.

You can also vote for how your tax dollars are spent here.

Battle of the Boroughs: Bronx Edition

Last night, WNYC and WQXR sponsored the fourth annual Battle of the Boroughs competition at The Greene Space. To sum it up, Battle of the Boroughs gathers the best of the best from each borough and audience members (and the public) get to vote for who they’d like to represent their borough at the Ultimate Battle in June.

The musicians representing the Bronx were: Blue Meadow, Corky Has a Band, I am B 13, Yurby, Al-Lisha Burns, Bill Santen, Flow Freequan, Captains of Industry, Tee Dot Ohh and Liya Marie, Emily Angell, marie-claire, and Tyrone-Birkett/Emancipation.

The event was hosted by Terrance McKnight and the night’s commentators were

Though I’d love to give you a full review on each and every act (they were all really great. I’m excited to find out the finalists on Monday!), I don’t think you’re in the mood to read some long tome on the internet. Below are the groups that stood out to me the most:

Blue Meadow



Blue Meadow was  the first group to perform. They began slowly coming to life as each member began to play his instrument. By coming to life, I mean that they were literally slumped over before and sprang up when one of their band members gestured to them. One of the coolest things I noticed about the band is that all of the members sing. The drummer was actually the first person to begin singing, so that was pretty awesome. They have a smooth, rhythmic rock thing going out, kind of like Maroon 5, but with a little more soulfulness. I could definitely see me buying their music.

Corky Has a Band


While live tweeting the battle, I said, “Corky Has a Band Just Did Unimaginable Things to a Piano Just Now” and I was not lying. Described as hyper-vaudevillian, their music is as surprising as it is carefully orchestrated. The duo incorporates the entire instrument into their performance in a purposeful discordant harmony.  And there was a kazoo.  Who can play a kazoo and make it work in 2013? Probably only Sergeant Whiskers and Professor Tickles.

I am B 13


He had me when he said, ” This is dedicated to the rappers who rapped about nonsense.” YES.  Commentator Helga Davis (love her)  said it perfectly after I am B 13’s performance when she said, “I can tell you read.” Educated rap is a beautiful thing. It’s so refreshing to hear multisyllabic words in a rap song. He said ‘pantomime,’ you guys. Plus, there’s just something really endearing about a rapper with braces who says lines like, ” If you got a problem with me, go to a mathematician.”

Captains of Industry 


Captains of Industry utilized a recording someone had made on a seemingly ordinary day in Germany. or Austria. The base of their completely improvised performance was a soundtrack of cars honking, dogs barking, and people walking. The drummer used some sort of plastic tubes instead of drum sticks, which was very cool because you could hear the sound echoing through them. It kind of reminded me of Australian dj group, The Avalanches.

Check out some photos of the other musicians:

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BMHC Black History Month Celebration

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Bronx Culture Trolley? In addition to learning something new and amazing about the Bronx every time I’m on board, the looks people in the neighborhood give this vintage trolley rolling the South Bronx are just priceless.

Saturday, the Bronx Music Heritage Center hosted its Black History month celebration consisting of a trolley tour of historic music locations in the Bronx, an artisan market, a presentation by February’s subject of The Spotlight, Morgan Powell, and a performance by Malang Jobarteh.

The trolley tour was led by Dr. Mark Naison (a.k.a. Notorious Ph.D), an African American studies professor at Fordham who has also studied the musical history of the borough. It included stops such as the Big Pun mural, unofficial block party hub P.S. 99, and Maxine Sullivan’s house.  The trolley moseyed along to an energetic soundtrack featuring songs from Elmo Hope to Tito Puente to Luther Vandross and Aventura.

The Bronx was once home to many famous jazz clubs such as Hunts Point Palace and the Blue Morocco. People, myself included, tend to know a bit more about the Bronx’s hip hop roots, but would be surprised to learn about the borough’s rich jazz history.

Dr. Naison attributed the borough’s astounding music history to the shared cultural interactions in the borough. ” People [referring to the rest of the U.S] can look to the Bronx to see how people can live together,” he said, noting that creativity can bloom in what may seem like the least likely of places.

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As mentioned above, the trolley tour ended back at the BHMC lab where local businesses Natures’s Garden Beauty Supply, ECWM African Market, Island Lunch Box, and Crusticks sold food and a variety of wares.

Mogan Powell treated the audience to a glimpse into the Bronx River’s history and those who have fought to protect the Bronx’s environment and overall health.

To round out the event, Gambian musician Malang Jobarteh performed a collection of melodic tunes on this very unique-looking instrument called a kora (Seriously. Look it up. I want one in my house just so I can look at it.)

BMHC has a bunch of other really awesome events lined up, so make sure you check their website to keep tabs on them.

P.S. The Wall Street Journal did a very nice write up of the trolley tour, which features a video that is worth checking out. (I am in the background looking cute.)