Zoodohos Greek Festival Postcard

View from the ferris wheel at the Zoodohos Greek Festival today in Pelham Bay. Such a great way to close out this beautiful weekend.


greek festival

Riverdale Riverfest

So, here is my uber late post on the Riverdale Riverfest. Sorry, guys! I’ve been training for work for the past two months and the past few weeks in particular have been very intense! Anyway, back to business!

Last month, the Riverdale Riverfest was held on the College of Mt. St. Vincent’s campus to “celebrate the waterfront and support the greenway.”  There were music performances, medieval fighting, and a host of different booths hosted by a myriad of Bronx organizations. And, I got to finally try a slice of Lloyd’s Carrot Cake (it was awesome).

While I liked being able to check out the different vendors, the event is definitely geared more toward families with young children, not so much a 23 year old and her boyfriend.

Nevertheless, it was nice to explore somewhere new.

Oh! In the pics below, you will see a python just hanging out in the grass. It belongs to New York Wild, a company that teaches city kids about different types of exotic animals. Unfortunately, I was not expecting this and almost walked into the thing. 😦

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