Experience The Beauty of Thailand in the Bronx at NYBG’s Orchid Show

This week I got the opportunity to check out the New York Botanical Garden‘s latest exhibit, The Orchid Show:Thailand. It’s amazing how the Conservatory can be totally  transformed – from the Frida exhibit to the Holiday Train Show, and now to a beautifully tranquil imagining of Thailand. I’ve not yet been to Thailand (a future travel post!) but it was exactly what I imagine it’d be like to have teleported to a beautiful temple garden across the world.

The event, hosted in collaboration with Edible Bronx, was an Instameet Afterhours, giving us a chance to roam through the exhibit and post photos to our hearts’ content. Though the show is in its fifteenth year, this was my first time at the orchid show and I never thought I’d get so excited to see flowers. Really! As a person who has always suffered from allergies, I’ve always been one to admire from afar. Maybe it’s been the allergy shots I’ve been taking for the past year, but I was like a kid “Ooh, what’s this? Hey, look at this flower over here!” bouncing around from one section to another.  It was also really cool to see the array of different colors the orchids came in  – from white, to bright purple, to deep red.

I was most excited to see pineapples growing from the ground. Like, I was really excited (maybe it was the wine…?)

Unfortunately, many wild orchids are at risk for extinction because of over collection and the destruction of their habitats. In fact, many orchids are imported illegally! The NYBG is a designated rescue center via the Convention on International Trade in Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.  They have worked to rejuvenate many of these species.

So, if you want to support the NYBG in this mission or just spend an evening with beautiful flowers (and pineapples!) stop by soon. The Orchid Show: Thailand runs until April 9.

Date Night: Bar Car Night at the New York Botanical Garden

Having been married now for all of two months and change, I’ve found that I’d much rather sit inside and binge watch a show on Netflix than make a bunch of plans with my husband where we end up spending money and trying to figure out how we’re going to get home at the end of the night. However, as noted in wedding websites and blogs across the inter web, it’s important to actually go out and do something you’ll both enjoy.

We’ve spent the past few weeks embroiled in a web of property buying responsibilities, and it ended up not working out, so we’ve been drained. So, when I saw a Groupon for NYBG’s Bar Car Nights at the Holiday Train Show, I knew we had to go.

Aside from being ridiculously close to our place, the Husband used to collect trains when he was a kid and I’m pretty certain they’re still at his parents’ house. One of the highlights for me was that it would be adults only and I didn’t have to worry about tripping over someone’s kid and obviously the bar. 🙂

Confession: This was my first time ever going to the Holiday Train Show.

I know, it’s an institution, but somehow I was always busy with holiday preparations and parties and by the time I knew it, it was over. Now I can say I’ve been and it was absolutely amazing. The snow definitely added a romantic setting while we waited our turn to enter the conservatory.

It’s amazing how intricate all of the models are and how the designers use plants in so many innovative ways. One of the coolest features for me was seeing how transformed the conservatory was  – trains whizzed around large leaves and hovered right above small ponds, it was beautiful.

Move quickly though, the Holiday Train Show runs until January 16 and the last Bar Car Night is January 14.

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Mini Golf & Batting Cages Date at Turtle Cove

You may have noticed how M.I.A. I’ve been around here lately. My second (and last!) year of grad school is in full swing, so I am totally swamped and barely keeping it all together. As such, my posts are going to be a bit more spaced out than in the past, so please just bear with me!

I did, however, use my rare day off, to go to Turtle Cove with my boyfriend to use this Groupon I bought about a month ago. It’s still active and such a good deal, perfect for a quick and easy date night or day off with friends.

The past few months have been so busy, I don’t think I mentioned that I (finally) got my license at the end of August. Considering the fact that I’m a native New Yorker, 24 is a perfectly reasonable age at which to get one’s license. Further, I have the benefit of borrowing my father’s car every now and then when I feel like walking from Castle Hill to Buhre to go get it.  (Sure, I could take the train, but where’s the exercise/not having to pay for Metrocard fare in that?) So, we drove out there, otherwise, it’s not too bad to get to from the City Island bound Bx 29.

Our Groupon included a round of mini-golf and six batting cage coins. We were both comically bad at both, but what was particularly nice was that it was just the two of us. It wasn’t crowded at all, so we could take our time, going way over par in mini-golf and missing as many possible home runs as necessary.  Another bonus was that the coins for the batting cages are worth 25 pitches each. I was expecting maybe five or so, but I really feel like I got my money’s worth.

Should you decide to go on this Bronx Socialite approved date 🙂 , you can top it off with dinner at one of the many awesome restaurants in City Island, just a short distance away. If you go, drop me a comment below to let me know how it went!

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