Battle for the Bronx 2013

Last weekend I checked out Battle for the Bronx after chatting with authors at the Bronx Literary Festival. While I definitely felt comfortable amongst my own kind at the Lit Fest,  I don’t know a damn thing about skateboarding. In fact, every time I’ve ever set foot on skateboard, disaster followed right after, so yeah. But, it was super cool seeing all of these talented skaters do tricks I couldn’t even imagine doing myself. I was slightly nervous though, because I’ve seen way too many episodes of Tosh.0 and Ridiculousness and I was like ‘Please no one get hurt! I don’t want to see any broken bones!!!!’ The 4 train rumbling by added a gritty sort of element to the event, in a good way. I just complemented the skateboard culture that for so long was seen as this alternative, off-beat sort of thing to do and is now becoming more mainstream. Anyway, check out the pictures I took below:

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