Below are some links to other articles and posts I’ve written & press for The Bronx Socialite

                                                           Bronxnet’s Bronx Buzz

Time Out New York 

What is New York’s best Borough? The Case for the Bronx

New York Daily News

 Bronx Mama Spreads the Word about Borough’s Play Spaces with Family-friendly Blog

Discover New York’s Scariest Places on the Ghosts of Greenwich Village Scavenger Hunt

New York International Latino Film Festival Celebrates Latino Culture, Showcases Diverse Films

‘Life in a Day’ 

Ultimate Summer Guide: Swimming Pools 

Summer Snapshot: South Beach

Summer Snapshot: Orchard Beach 

The L Magazine

Solving Crown Heights’ Crime Problem with Public Art Made of Zip Ties

100 New Ways to Look at Your Insanely Boring Walk to the Subway

Blogs @ Baruch

PeaceLove: A Small Cafe with a lot of Soul

Realizing a Dream

MVP Still a Baadasssss

Movie Palace Brings Classics to Astoria

Miscellaneous Projects & Articles

Cafe Blends Business with Belief

Class of 2011 in for the Long Haul

Mott Haven Multimedia Project

Gonzalez y Gonzalez Heats Up Downtown

3 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. WanderlustVixen says:

    Hi! I am loving your boog. I stumbled into the Travesias post, I was actually there last night and loved it. I am a fairly new blogger, a Bronx native, and would love to be in contact with you and maybe get some pointers. 🙂

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