You Don’t Have to Leave the Bronx for Gorgeous Fall Foliage

I’ve been a bit M.I.A. from the blog lately because earlier this month, I got married. Not only did I get married, but we had three different wedding celebrations, so needless to say, I was kinda busy.

The day after the very last event, we decided to take a walk. To nowhere in particular, just to have a chill day to ourselves. This was right as some of the leaves started to turn. It made for a very nice, relaxing, and picturesque stroll. These were taken by Mosholu Parkway.


Be Easy with Gentle Yoga at Finer Studio

I have a really difficult time just sitting still and being “present” in the moment. It seems like I’m always involved in at least three different projects, leaving me tired and sometimes stretched so thin I feel like I have no time for myself. It’s like if I’m not doing something, I start to think I’m being lazy and wasting my life away.

Enter: yoga.

I’ve taken yoga on and off for the past few years, so I am by no means a skilled yogini. But, I love being able to just take a moment, even if it’s just an hour a week to be still, forget about the craziness going on in the world, and just breathe.

So, when I was recently invited to take a Gentle Yoga class at Finer Studio on Bronxdale, I was excited to check it out. Most recently, I’ve been taking yoga at Crunch, which is focused a bit more on strength training and building muscle, so I knew I’d really appreciate a bit of a calmer pace. And of course I loved that it was a local studio, because while we’ve recently seen an increase in yoga classes being offered in the Bronx, there are still many neighborhoods where it isn’t offered and with the Bronx coming in last place  in New York State’s health ranking, more Bronxites could definitely take advantage of this healing form of exercise.

It just so happens that there was a torrential downpour the day I headed to the studio, which only added to my stress level, coming from work that day, but the studio was so inviting, peaceful, and calm. I chatted briefly with the instructor, Racheal, about my experience with yoga and was provided with everything I needed for the class (no need to lug my mat around with me!)

Racheal was awesome in helping me adjust to the positions correctly and creating a meditative environment. After the class, my body felt great and my mind felt even better.


Photograph provided by Finer Studio

I also had a chance to interview Finer Studio’s owner, Geydi Moreno to learn a bit more about the studio and her views on yoga in the Bronx:

 How has the community responded to Finer Studios? 

The essence of Yoga is based on the saying that We are All One. Unfortunately, not everyone feels comfortable attending a yoga studio. The media keeps showing us images of yoga that are skinny, flexible, female, and, for the most of the time—white. We rarely see images of plus-sized people, or minorities doing yoga. It is hard to feel included when you don’t see yourself in the picture.

FinerStudio offers a safe place on the mat for people of color, for Plus-Sized people, and for people with physical challenges. People in this community are noticing that our instructors are influencers who represent them. Our crowd is very diverse and that is a great response right there; everybody bending together, it’s amazing! We are all challenged in our lives in some way—the yoga mat can be the great equalizer.

What sets Finer Studio apart from some of the other yoga studios/ gyms in the Bronx? 

-Diversity: We consider ourselves an Inclusive community, we want to be the change we want to see in other studios. It is important to embrace change in all areas of your world. A great place to practice inclusion is a Yoga Class in which Whites, Blacks and Latinos are one on the mat.
-Quality of Instructors: Almost anyone can teach an advanced level classes, but beginners are truly challenging to teach.
Our instructors teach progressively, they pick poses that can be easily modified and encouraging to people. They help students complement their practice. They breakdown the good and positive in each pose for them to tap into their power.

Most of our instructors are very well known influencers in the world of Yoga, and at the same time, they are kind and humble people, with a passion for spreading the word of Yoga in the communities with less access to Yoga.

-Prices: We really want people to be able to benefit from this practice; not too many can afford paying $20 to $30 per class. We are providing better quality of instruction at an affordable price.

What are some of the benefits of yoga for Bronxites who have never tried it before?

Yoga can change your physical and mental capacity quickly, while preparing the mind and body for longevity health.
Yoga is not only an exercise, it’s about a healthy lifestyle. The practice of yoga allows students to find calm in a world of chaos, mental clarity and body awareness. Yoga helps relieve stress (Which can destroy the body and mind) and declutters the mind, helping you to become more focused.
Yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga can also lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia. Other physical benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, Increased muscle strength and tone, improved respiration, energy and vitality, maintaining a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health, improved athletic performance, protection from injury, etc…
Yoga is great to help with coping skills and finding the positive about life. Yoga incorporates meditation and breathing can help improve a person’s mental well-being

Intrigued? In addition to yoga, Finer Studio also offers Zumba classes and paint and sip events! Check out their website to learn more.


Full Disclosure: I was financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Bronx Holiday Shopping Challenge Update!

With less than a week until Christmas, I decided I’d post an update on some of the gifts I’ve bought during the Bronx Holiday Shopping Challenge. Of the 13 people on my list, I only need to get a present for ONE more person. *pats self on back*  After Christmas, I’ll post a full list of everywhere I’ve gone, but for now, I’ll just show you.


The Art of Peace Dec. 17 6-10 pm

I ran into Lady K Fever this past weekend at the Bronx Museum’s Holiday market and she told me about a really great event happening tomorrow, Dec. 17 from 6- 10 pm. See below for details:

Artists for Peace BX Present: The Art of Peace

“Celebrating the Inaugural Artists for Peace Indoor Gallery: Honoring Peace December‘s 30 days of Peace featuring Artists that make art with, about, and for Peace. ”

Where: Al Iman Community Center, 2006 Westchester Ave.

For inquiries contact:

Bronx Museum Holiday Market THIS WEEKEND Dec. 12-13

Remember when I announced my Bronx Holiday Shopping Challenge and mentioned the Bronx Musuem’s upcoming holiday market? (If you don’t, that’s okay, catch up right here.) The market is a great way to support local businesses and organizations and put money back into our communities this holiday season. Read below for the details and list of vendors – one of which is my fiancee, Native Tec. 🙂


Saturday, December 12 & Sunday, December 1311:00am to 6:00pm

Bronx Museum Holiday Market Weekend

Shop local this Holiday Season! In collaboration with, The South Bronx Farmer’s Market, THE POINT, and The Bronx Beer Hall, the Bronx Museum welcomes more than 25 local artists, artisans, farmers, bakers, brewers, and more for a holiday market that is not to be missed! Enjoy exhibition tours, art-making activities and music throughout the weekend. Read more >
Free admission

Vendors include:

Aficionado Arts/THE POINT Native Tec
Bear Hand Creations Niizeki Hiromi
Bronx Beer Hall NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar
Bronx Chicks *Paper*Crane*Heart*
Calcutta Kitchens Port Morris Distillery
Daniel Hauben / Bronx Artist Documentary Project Resourceful Design
Dennis Redmoon Darkeem South Bronx Farmer’s Market
Ellude’s Special Mama Spizane
Humble Trees Taylor Made Creations for All Occasions, Inc.
Jaynine Taylor Uptown Roasters
Lady K Fever White Pine Community Farm
Lucia Hernandez Youniquely Created, Inc.
Morris Perk And more!






Today is the LAST day to submit your Bronx Museum Cafe Name!

Today’s the last day to submit your ideas for the Bronx Museum‘s new cafe opening August 2. I’ve heard you guys have been sending in some really cool ones. Don’t forget that if your submission is chosen, you win a free lunch for you and five friends at the cafe. Bonus: the runner up gets two tickets to a Bronx Museum paid event.

Enter here.

Jane’s Walk Bronx Art Spaces was a Success!

As tired as I was after the Jane’s Walk of Bronx Art Spaces last weekend, I was really pleased with how everything turned out. People from all over New York City and even from overseas, visited the No Longer Empty exhibit at the Old Bronx Courthouse, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx Art Space, and House of Visual. Even local restaurants Mott Haven Bar and Don Pancho’s Steakhouse offered specials to participants of the walk. The Saturday walk serendipitously coincided with Ceetay’s third anniversary celebration and an opening at Wall Works gallery, so some participants decided to stick around for that, which was amazing. Below are some of the pictures from the weekend. 🙂

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Score Some New-To-You Swag at this Saturday’s Stop n Swap in Westchester Square

I LOVE thrifting and swapping. I’d say about 50% of my current wardrobe is thrifted. It’s such a great opportunity to add some unique pieces to your closet. This weekend, GrowNYC is hosting its famed Stop N Swap in Westchester Square. Do some spring cleaning, bring your  cast aways (so long as they’re in good condition, of course!)  to the Owen Dolen Center to swap them out and treat yourself to something new to you. From experience, trust me, you want to show up as early as possible to get some good stuff!

Read below for more details:

How It Works: Stop ‘N’ Swaps invite the public to bring clean, portable, reusable items to share with those who can use them. No one is required to bring something to take something—you can simply show up with a bag and see what’s free for the taking. Books, toys, fashionable clothing, housewares and electronics are just some of the offerings.  Anything leftover at the end of the day is donated or recycled. Furniture and other large items are not accepted at the swap.

“Stop ‘N’ Swaps are a resource for all New Yorkers. Residents come out in large numbers to give away what they don’t need and find some really useful items for themselves, all without paying. And we are keeping perfectly good items out of the landfill, which is where so many things unfortunately end up,” said GrowNYC Executive Director Marcel Van Ooyen. “The added benefit is neighbor meeting neighbor, and a community being strengthened.”

WHAT: Free Stop ‘N’ Swap Community Reuse Event

WHEN: Saturday, April 25, 12pm3pm

WHERE: Westchester Square – 2551 Westchester Ave, Bronx, NY 10461

If You Love Wine as Much as I Do, You Need to Check out NYBG’s Native Plant Garden Wine Weekend

In my early twenties, I stuck strictly to vodka. It was my go to when it came to drinking. However, as I’ve gotten just a bit older, I have really come to appreciate wine. There is something just so classy about chilling on a Friday night with a nice, chilled glass of Riesling. It certainly beats taking shots of vodka or playing vodka pong (both of which I do NOT encourage!)

Luckily, the New York Botanical Garden is hosting the Native Plant Garden Wine Weekend on May 2nd and 3rd (Noon-4pm) for us classy wine drinkers out here. Also, all of the wineries in attendance are from New York State. Yay for supporting our local economy!

Check out more details below:

Guests can purchase a souvenir glass for $5 and enjoy a flight of palate-pleasing local wines from New York State vintners while joining winemaking and viticulture experts for presentations of their crafts. Expert-led tours of the Native Plant Garden will highlight the significance of the many plant species within. Snacks will be available for purchase.

Participating wineries include:
Brotherhood Winery – Washingtonville, NY
City Winery – New York, NY
Robibero Winery – New Paltz, NY
Sheldrake Point Winery – Ovid, NY
Whitecliff Vineyard – Gardiner, NY
Wölffer Estate Vineyard – Sagaponack, NY

In addition to sampling some of the wines, there will also be live music and a reading and book signing by Arlene Alda, author of the new book, Just Kids from the Bronx. 

Ticket prices:  Adults $25, Student/Senior (65+) $22, Children 2–12 $10