In Heaven at the 2nd Annual NY Pizza Festival

I didn’t have enough time to eat breakfast before attending the Second Annual NY Pizza Festival in Little Italy on Sunday, and this turned out to be a good thing. Armed with a VIP pass and stalls from over 20 master pizzaioli, I got to sample 8 different slices, pasta, and check out the beer and wine garden.  Plus there was live painting! Is there a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

I’m very simple when it comes to pizza, in the rare event I get a topping, it’s probably mushroom, so at the festival I wanted to try some new things. I sampled slices from Le Figlie di Iorio, Brooklyn Pizza Crew, Di Fara Pizzeria, Harry’s Pizzeria, Levante, Antica Pizza Da Gennaro, Il Pizzaialo, and the Bronx’s own Pugsley Pizza. I also got to sample pasta from Ponti Rossi. All of it was delicious, but I’d say my top three faves were:

1. Levante – The Levante (mozzarella, burrata, roasted wild mushrooms, truffle pate, and prosciutto) The flavors in this came together so well. Sooo good.

2. Le Figlie di Iorio – Aside from being one of the most festive stalls, complete with singing and dancing, the fresh lemon, prosciutto, and pistachios on this slice made this Napels-based stall worth the stop!

3. Brooklyn Pizza Crew – Chicken Tandoori. I usually am not a fan of mixing cuisines like this, but I’m so glad we gave it a chance. Such a unique mash up.



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