Inspired by Culture? Let City Hall Know!

In its most recent budget proposal, the City Council called for a $40 million increase in arts and culture funding. Our museums, art galleries, music institutions play a crucial role in the fabric of our city; they make New York the amazing world renowned city it is. We’ve unfortunately become used to arts funding being the first thing on the chopping block when there are budget constraints, but this most recent proposal sends the message that arts funding is essential and indispensable.

I recently spoke with Eric Henry, the Director of  Government Relations at The New York Botanical Garden about how the garden would benefit from this increase in city funding. With increased funding from the city, Henry says NYBG would benefit from “operational support jobs, ecological conservation and education” and stressed that “cultural institutions are not just for tourists,[but] for city natives as well.”

Henry also suggested some ways that you can help ensure that cultural institutions such as the New York Botanical Garden receive increased funding from the city including:

  • Sign up for memberships via IDNYC
  • Speak to your local representative
  • Visit to share why New York City’s (especially here in the Bronx!) cultural institutions are important to you.
  • Use #NYCInspires when posting about your visits to our wonderful cultural institutions.

nybg fall


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