Easter Dinner at Blue Mediterranean

When I was a kid, Easter was one of my favorite holidays. I loved Easter egg hunts and of course, all of the candy. We weren’t really church going people, but my extended family is, and we would usually all gather for Easter dinner at my grandmother’s house. Unfortunately, she is in hospice care, so we now have to create a new tradition.

This year, we decided to stop by Blue Mediterranean in Little Italy. I’d passed by this place so many times and decided it was time to finally stop in.

The lights were dimmed, so it was a bit too dark to take a picture of the decor, but the ambience is like you’ve been teleported straight to the Mediterranean (or so I imagine, it’s on my long list of places to go!) with beautiful arches throughout the restaurant.

We started our dinner off with drinks – I opted for a glass of prosecco, while my mother chose the sangria.

For our appetizer, we selected the fried calamari, which was perfection and came with delectable marinara sauce and a green aioli.

For our entrees, my mother went with the black sea bass, while my sister and I decided to share the seafood linguini and the swordfish. Everything was very fresh and tasty.

We finished off our meal with dessert – baklava, tiramisu, and chocolate mousse. Yum.


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