Bronx Food & Wine Festival

This past week the first Bronx Food and Wine Festival took place at the Mall at Bay Plaza. This had my name written all over it!

Let’s start with the highlights:

Beforehand, I was a little worried that I would leave starving; that vendors would give you a tiny sample and send you on your way. I’m happy to report that that was not the case and I left as full as I would have leaving a restaurant for dinner. And the wine booths didn’t skimp on their samples either. It was wonderful to see so many different vendors including one of my faves the Bronx Beer Hall as well as Flaco Coquito, Bistro SK, Euro Products, Frozen Peaks, Havana Cafe, among so many others I know I’m leaving out. Everything I sampled was delicious. Plus the swag bag contained samples, coupons, and a dorky nifty little wine glass holder for lushes  people who were holding lots of things, such as myself.

As it was the first of its kind, there’s always room for improvement…

On the one hand there were a lot of people, which was great! But it did get a bit crowded and you had to kind of shuffle around  to find a free space. Another thing that would have been helpful was chairs and tables! With all of that food and a full wine glass, it would’ve been nice to have a place to sit and enjoy it. Lastly, something that was confusing was the way it was marketed alongside the Bronx Fashion Week event, which led me (and others) to believe that the two events were connected, particularly since they were only two floors away from each other. It was still easy enough to view the fashion show…well…until you were shooed away (nicely) by the mall’s security guards. Something that could have been cleared up in the wording or advertising of the event.

Overall, though, I had a great time and can’t wait until next year!

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