Represent the Bronx in the Tell-A-Commute Photography Project

Having just come back from a short vacation (Texas is another world entirely, you guys) I’ve found myself picking up and noticing little things on my normal walk home – the beautiful mint green curlicue fire escapes on Bedford Park,  the guy that always sits out on his porch taking in street scenes – you get the picture-  but it’s so easy to overlook these little details during the normal hustle and bustle of our commutes. This is why I was so excited to learn about Tell-A-Commute.

Run by artist collective /rive, the project is a way for New Yorkers to share their commutes and capture the neighborhoods they know and love in the face of an ever changing city. The best part of the photo diary is that the photos become a part of a larger photo collage featured in PLATFORM at the New York Transit Museum.

Here’s how it works, from Tell-A-Commute:

It’s very easy to participate: just text START to 917 746 5505. You’ll receive text message instructions inviting you to take 3 photos around your neighborhood as you walk to and from your local train station and text them back to this number. Your photos will then be included in a dynamic online portrait of NYC’s neighborhoods linked by subway lines. This photo collage will be featured at the Transit Museum’s PLATFORM, a cross-disciplinary program series devoted to creative musings on mass transit, in Fall 2015. (If you submit your photos before September 14, 2015, you’ll also have a chance to win a free Transit Museum membership.)

So, who’s with me in making sure the Bronx has the best pictures? (I’m looking at all of you Bronx IGers out there!

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