Sunday Lunch at Burrito Shop

Spent this gorgeous Sunday exploring Van Cortlandt park. Having lived on the other side of the Bronx for so long, I still have yet to really get to know the park, though I look forward to getting the chance this summer. During my excursion, my friend Anthony and I stumbled upon Burrito Shop. I can never say no to Mexican food, so we strolled in.

It’s a small, casual spot with a menu that offers burritos (duh), tacos, taco and burrito bowls, and an impressive array of vegetarian and vegan options. I opted for a grilled chicken taco bowl, while my friend ordered a grilled steak burrito. The grilled chicken was lightly charred the way I like and had guacamole, beans, lettuce, and tomato. I threw on some medium hot sauce (I don’t play with that extra spicy green sauce. No thanks!)  and the flavors melded together perfectly. Bonus, the taco bowl itself was under $10. Take that, Chipotle.

Bottom line: Was it better than my all time favorites, Taqueria Tlaxcalli and El Nuevo Tenampa? No, but their vegetarian and vegan options and proximity to the park make this place a winner.

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