Gain x Portraits of Hope Team Up to Beautify Local Laundromats

Gain Laundromat


Recently, Gain (yes, as in the laundry detergent) teamed up with Bronx-born musician Leslie Grace and Portraits of Hope  to takeover and liven up laundromats in the Bronx and Washington Heights. Using bright colors and helping hands from the community, the company aims to help add a boost of happiness to the usually dreadful chore of schlepping to the laundromat to wash your clothes. I visited Clean Circle on Webster and 168th this weekend and actually WISHED that I’d brought a load with me. The artwork is plastered on washers, dryers, the walls, just about any place you look. It’s amazing what a burst of color can do to cheer you up, which is part of what Portraits of Hope does with its public art installations – inspire communities and involve them in the process of beautifying their spaces.

The way Gain figures into all of this loveliness is that this project also doubles as a promo opportunity for its new flings product which combines detergent, Oxiboost, and Febreeze all in one. Though I grew up on Tide, I will say that Gain wins all the brownie points for its amazing scent. Add in the Febreeze and the stain fighting powers of Oxiboost and you’ve got a really powerful product here. Enough rambling, I wouldn’t tell you all these wonderful things about the product without giving you a chance to try it out. I’m giving away an entire set of Gain products to ONE lucky reader to help you with your Spring Cleaning which includes:

o Mr. Clean w/ Gain

o Swiffer Dusters w/ Gain

o Gain Dryer Sheets

o Gain Flings

o Gain Fireworks

o Gain Dish Soap

o Ear buds

o $25 gift card

o Floral notepad for creative inspiration!

o Gain laundry bag

To enter, simply comment BELOW telling me what is “music to your nose.” Personally, I love the smells of fresh laundry and vanilla by Thursday, June 5, 2014!

Check out the closest transformed laundromat near you to enter Gain’s Instagram Selfie Contest by finding the Selfie Station (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see my lovely mug at Clean Circle’s Selfie Station) and snapping a photo using the hashtag #musictoyournose. Bronx locations can be found at:  3825 3rd Ave. 10457, 1210 Webster Ave. 10456, 275 E. 163rd St. 10451, and 938 E. 163rd St. 10459.


This is part of a sponsored activation with Gain. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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