It’s Not Too Late to Catch a FREE Memoir Workshop!



The Bronx Memoir Project, a subset of the Bronx Council on the Arts, has been hosting free memoir writing workshops since March, offering Bronxites a chance to express themselves by sharing personal stories and the opportunity to have their work compiled alongside other residents’ anecdotes. This is the very LAST week to check out  some of the workshops, which take place around the city. I know I’ll be checking one out this weekend. For the schedule of the remaining workshop, click here.

For more information  on the Project, read below:

Bronxites—share your story with the world!

The Bronx Memoir Project was created by the Bronx Council on the Arts and seeks to develop

and collect various (500-1000-word) memoir fragments written by people of all ages, races,

genders, nationalities and backgrounds currently residing in the Bronx. This will be achieved by

deploying memoir writing facilitators to different cultural destinations throughout the borough

from March 15 through May 31, 2014.

Final draft memoir fragments will be collected and published in a summer anthology,

in both paper and e-book formats. Oral and video memoirs will be shared online. This

compilation of original testimonies will be the first of its kind and will give a much needed

and well-deserved voice to those who call the Bronx home. Final drafts can be e-mailed


Bronx filmmakers are also encouraged to participate by compiling video/film clips of people

telling their stories to the camera instead of the page, as part of the Bronx Memoir Project’s oral/

visual history component. If you are a filmmaker and this is of interest to you, please contact

Charlie Vázquez at the Bronx Writers Center –

The second round of writing and graphic memoir workshops kicks off on May 1, 2014 and will

wrap on May 31, 2014. Submissions must be emailed in by June 5, 2014.


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