Brews N Bloggers at Gun Hill Brewery

Collaboration is a beautiful thing, you guys. The Bronx Bloggers – a collective of bloggers who write about the wonderfulness that is the Bronx , of which I am very grateful to be a part of-  came together for our very first event – Brews N Bloggers at Gun Hill Brewery. Hosted this past Tuesday, March 18, we were able to walk around the Brewery and sample some beer before its  big opening Saturday. The staff was so helpful at helping a non-beer drinker such as myself select a beer. Considering that most beer tastes like what I’d imagine piss to taste like – it says a lot that I was able to down a pint of their Gun Hill Gold without a problem. Our food sponsors, Tosca and Pretzel Crisps provided amazing food for us to nosh on with our beer and made for a great evening of networking. I personally loved Tosca’s fried zucchini and Pretzel’ Crisps buffalo flavor. The Bronx Chronicle also donated money toward some illustrious raffle prizes from Gun Hill Brewery. I won a Gun Hill Brewery hoodie – perfect for this crazy up and down weather we’ve been having. Check out some photos of the event below and be sure to stop by Gun Hill Brewery yourself for a tour and some brew.

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