Save P.S. 31!

Why does it seem like every time I turn around the city’s trying to build something ridiculous (Exhibit A and Exhibit B) or knock down or close something worthy and sacred in our borough?  The city has decided to knock down the landmark P.S. 31 building, also known as the Castle on the Concourse. Now, instead of fixing it up and creating something that would useful for the community, it sat growing decrepit and we are going to lose a valuable piece of Bronx history. To me, New York’s architecture is one of the things that makes this city so beautiful.

Do we really need massive ice rinks and soccer stadiums to create jobs (not careers, mind you) when we have beautiful architectural gems like P.S. 31 that could really use that money and attention?

Here is a link to find out more information about P.S. 31 and a petition to help save it! As a borough we need to band together and have our voices heard.

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