Savor the Bronx 2013: Giannis’ Taverna

Bronx restaurant week – a.k.a. Savor the Bronx– is by far one of my favorite events our borough has to offer. I  make sure to take the opportunity to go somewhere brand new because while it’s awesome to be able to save some cash at one of your favorite restaurants, restaurant week is the perfect time to try out a new cuisine or explore a new neighborhood and maybe even find a new favorite restaurant.

Though I can usually squeeze in two restaurants for Savor the Bronx, this year, my schedule’s so crazy,  I’ve only been able to go to one. The restaurant I chose was Giannis’ Taverna. A couple of months ago, I had a serious craving for Greek food. Like hardcore. I’ve even went to the Twitterverse for help.  I Googled and Yelped and couldn’t find anything on this side of the Bronx 😦

Enter Giannis’ Taverna.

The newly opened taverna serves up Greek and Mediterranean fare in a classically-decorated space at 3838 E. Tremont Ave.

My mother and I went for lunch and asking for the restaurant week menu wasn’t a big deal at all. And what an amazing menu it is:

We started off the meal with warm pita served will a creamy dill suace, olives, and olive oil with thyme, followed by the most unique salad I’ve ever had (check the pics below) the prasini salad served in a large crispy bread shell. Our appetizer was the melitzana, a sweet and savory combination of ground beef and eggplant.  Next for our main dish, though we were certainly stuffed before it even came, was the pastitsio, a kind of Greek lasagna. A nice piece of baklava sent us on our way, stuffed to the brim. Seriously, I looked like I was with child. I felt like I needed to be rolled down the street.

Let’s not forget the added bonus that all of this was only $20 for restaurant week! Yum.

Savor the Bronx ends November 15, that’s THIS Friday! So make sure you go out there and sample what our borough has to offer. Feel free to share your experiences below in the comments or catch me on the plethora of social media sites I’m on.

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5 thoughts on “Savor the Bronx 2013: Giannis’ Taverna

  1. Monica says:

    I was so excited when they opened! We celebrated my youngest daughters 16th birthday there and were very pleased with the service and the food was awesome! My dad was with us, and he normally finds something wrong everywhere we go, LOL, and had nothing but great things to say about Gianni’s. I highly recommend this local restaurant, who finally brings something besides, pizza, pasta and nail places 🙂

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