New York Botanical Gardens’ Cocktail Evenings & Summer Concerts

Last night, Bronx Mama and I went to check out the New York Botanical’s last installment of its Cocktail Evenings and Summer Concerts series. The annual celebration of nature and music featured food and drinks from local vendors such as Mike’s Deli and the Bronx Beer Hall.  Italian tenor Michael Castaldo sang a variety of songs from Calabrian renditions of classics to more modern songs such as Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero.”

The weather was perfect (it is still summer, right?) for a nice picnic (which the garden ingeniously provided blankets for) and sipping the signature cocktail, Strawberry Fields – a light, fruity drink made with bourbon, Créme Yvette, ginger ale, and lime.

Before the concert, we got a chance to check out the Wild Medicine exhibit, which leads guests through green houses showcasing plants from all over the world and their varied healing powers. Since I’ve been getting more and more into a healthier and natural lifestyle, it was great to see some familiar plants and learn about some new ones! Garden educators taught visitors about cacao (with a sampling of 70% dark chocolate. Yum!) and how tea is processed. Did you know that green tea is the least processed? Makes me feel even better about my daily cup (or two if it’s a really stressful day) of  tea.

Though this was the last one scheduled for this year, be sure to look out for next year’s line up and other events by checking the garden’s website.

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