Feast of St. Theresa

This past week St. Theresa’s Church hosted their 17th annual Feast of St. Theresa street fair. Featuring all the hallmarks of a trusty New York City street carnival zeppole & fried oreo stand, gyro stand, ferris wheel, rigged games, jewelry vendors, and um, did I mention food? Isn’t that the main reason we go to street fairs and carnivals – to stuff our faces with an assortment of fried goods? Yum.

As long as its been going on, this was really only my first  official time going to the feast (I passed through it briefly a few years ago.) It’s certainly small, only a few blocks long and there were probably only 2-3 adult-friendly rides, but I’m sure if I were twenty years younger OR 7 years younger -( there were a LOT of teens there), I would’ve had the time of my life. But, I had a good time nonetheless. The feast lasts five days and is mostly people in the neighborhood. Plus, it is super easy to get to – take 6 to Buhre Ave. and walk up one block (on Edison) to St. Theresa. Bam. Done.

Oh! Before I forget, there was a special guest (whether this was planned or not, I don’t know) when I went Wednesday night – former MTA Chairman and current Republican Mayoral Candidate, Joe Lhota. I have absolutely no intensions of voting for him, but I kind of appreciate that he was there. Though if he didn’t want to draw any attention, he wouldn’t have had some poor intern carrying a sign that said “Joe Lhota for Mayor 2013″….. anyway.

As always, check out some photos I took while I was there.

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