Happy Birthday to Me (and the blog)!

Last week, I celebrated my 24th birthday with friends and family keeping everything pretty low key with dinner at Thirty3  Sixty3 Steakhouse, karaoke at Bronx Beer Hall, and a barbecue in Pelham Bay Park. I celebrate both my birthday and the anniversary of the blog, since both are in May!

I was glad to finally have a chance to check out Thirty3 Sixty3. First of all, I love steak. It’s probably one of the main things preventing me from becoming a vegetarian. I ordered the churrasco steak, which was flavorful and cooked exactly the way I requested (medium-well!) The servers brought me a cheesecake and sang Happy Birthday, which I appreciated. And, Jimmy Vacca even stopped by. (Not to see me. We don’t know each other. But he was there.)

If you follow me on Twitter, (if you don’t, go do so now. I’ll wait…..) you’ll know how much I love the Bronx Beer Hall, but last Saturday was my first time doing karaoke there. They have “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” which is pretty much all the proof you need to know how awesome it is. (No one has Scotty Doesn’t Know! Not even Karaoke Killed the Cat!)

Check out some photos below, including  in which my hair mimics that of an 8 year old boy’s. :/

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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