New Art Exhibit at the Andrew Freedman House

Another great exhibit debuting at the Andrew Freedman House this week! Check out the details below:

From the West Harlem Art Fund


May 2nd – May 16th 2013
Andrew Freedman House, 1125 Grand Concourse, nr 167th Street, Bronx, NY 10451
Meet & Greet on May 3rd at 5pm



Featured Artists

L.W. Antonius, Alta Berri, Linda Byrne, Thomas Callahan, Marco Castro, Robin Kang, Suprina Kenney, Jongil
Ma, Tomo Mori, Anca Pedvisocar, Roberto Sandoval, Chris Smith, Dianne Smith, Nancy Steinson

Brimming on the Edge is a group exhibition that marries the disciplines of art, design and technology together.
Produced by The West Harlem Art Fund in partnership with the Andrew Freedman House, Brimming on the
Edge coincides with NYCxDesign, and the Frieze Art Fair located nearby on Randall’s Island. There is a budding
movement revolutionizing the Western world. The public is demanding more customized experiences that reflect
their personal lifestyle and appreciations. Yes, it’s easy to purchase a picture frame or a wine rack from a large
retailer that’s inexpensive and probably made in China. But now, the public wants a unique work that’s made in
the United States for which they can showoff in their home or keep as an heirloom. We wish to show the public
these new possibilities in a number of combinations. Brimming on the Edge is curated by Savona Bailey-McClain,
Executive Director, The West Harlem Art Fund, Lisa Banner and Linda Griggs, Independent Curators.

About the Organizations

The West Harlem Art Fund is uniquely positioned to offer this experience. A fifteen year old public arts
organization, we have produced numerous exhibitions and special events with artists and creative
professionals wishing to share their talent with residents around the city. Public art for the West Harlem Art
Fund has included traditional exhibitions, digital installations, storefront windows and live performances. The
West Harlem Art Fund encourages audiences to not only think outside of the box – but to live outside the box.
Our heritage symbol is the double crocodile from West Africa — Funtunmmireku-Denkyemmirreku which means
unity in diversity.

Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council (MBSCC), one of the leading non-profit, community development
organizations in the Bronx has been the owner and operator of the Andrew Freedman since 1984. This
majestic building has been home to a “one stop” social service center which provides a vast array of programs,
resources and referrals for residents of the entire community. It is expanding into a new and exciting
destination for art, culture, learning and creativity.

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