Simply put, the South by South Bronx Festival hosted by the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective was an amazing display of community and inspiration and reminded me why I started this blog in the first place. Despite everything, the Bronx has a very rich and vibrant culture that is alive and well. But that culture can only grow and become better if Bronxites put in the work to show they care and become informed about the world around them. From spontaneous breakdancing in the audience during intermission to a presentation of a social justice award to Ramarley Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm, the vibe in the auditorium was incredible.


Videos coming soon!



3 thoughts on “SXSBX

  1. Nelson says:

    You’re absolutely right that we Bronxites should show that we care about our borough. Keep up the great work here! BTW, I keep track of developments (mostly subway-related) along the historic Grand Concourse on my personal blog; check it out sometime!

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