10th Annual Bronx International Film Festival

Did I ever tell you guys I was a film studies minor in college? *Nods* I have pretty high standards for films (although I do love a good low brow romantic comedy  a la Head over Heels every now and then). Friday night, I headed over to the Lovinger Theater at Lehman College for the second night of the 10th Annual Bronx International Film Festival.

The night’s line up included Astorgos (U.S.), Douglas (U.S.), Evolution (Germany), Fais Croquer (France), Heads Up (U.S.), Heartland (Taiwan), Naufragos (Spain), No Where, No One (Australia), Kavinsky (Switzerland), Rotos (Spain), Split Time (France), The Boat ( Australia), and Tu & Eu (U.S.). 

I got to the theater late (smh) so I missed the first few. The films ranged in length from a couple of minutes to about 20 minutes. My personal favorite was No Where, No One. The story is told in reverse, not in a scrambled Memento kind of way, but literally like someone hit the reverse button. It starts off with a man who has been gunned down by the police and takes you back through his life and how he got into the situation. It’s the sort of film that leaves you wanting more, in a good way. 

Evolution and Fais Croquer were really great as well. I love how short films can often have a greater impact than feature-length films.

Plus, when was the last time a $5 movie ticket got you in to see this many films?

I’m definitely looking forward to next year.

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