A Very Bronx (pre)Halloween

Now that I’ve got my internet back and my life has gotten settled again (I’m going to try to have a post up ASAP of places to volunteer and donate items for hurricane victims), I thought I’d share some pictures of my pre-Halloween festivities.

I’m really glad I got to wear my costume at least once this year as I thought long and hard about it (I plan all of my costumes a year in advance.) Boyfriend and I were Baseball Furies from one of the best NYC movies of all time, The Warriors.

Friday, the 19th we visited the Bronx Haunted Warehouse. I didn’t notice this last year, but there’s a small cemetery – the Ferris family cemetery- that I’ve never noticed before, right on Commerce, which adds to the creepiness on your way to the haunted warehouse. (For more info on the Ferris family cemetery and a host of other interesting history facts about the area, check out Forgotten NY’s post here.) It was very much like last year. Since it was just BF and me, we went in with another group and seeing their reactions were hysterical.

Saturday, the 27th we headed to join bf’s friends at Bridges Bar in Throggs Neck. People had really creative costumes despite the cold weather. The drinks were about the same as I’d pay at a bar downtown; I just ordered my standard cranberry and vodka, nothing fancy. The DJ was really hit and miss. He played a few dance-able songs, but didn’t really follow up on the momentum. Granted, people were dancing, but then again drunk people often dance just because.

I really wish I would’ve been able to leave my house on Halloween, but I’m definitely glad I got in some festive activity before the hurricane.

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