Annual Bronx Native American Festival

Before I really jump into this post, I have to say that dating a Native American at a powwow or festival is a little bit what I would imagine dating a celebrity is like. People just approach wanting to take pictures and whatnot. I just stand awkwardly with confidence on the side.  I just wonder what they do with them when they get them printed or put them on Facebook, like ‘Oh look, here’s me with a real live Native American!’….but I digress.

The festival was held last Sunday, Sept. 30th in Pelham Bay Park and was hosted by well-known Taino storyteller Bobby Gonzalez.  Though not as big as a powwow, the festival had several vendors selling jewelry, prints, and clothing and there was a pretty good turnout.

The highlight of the festival was Thirza Defoe’s storytelling and hoop dancing. I’m going to let the video and photos below speak for itself:

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