Lunch at New Hawaii Sea

Friday, I had lunch at New Hawaii Sea, an Asian fusion spot located at 1475 Williamsbridge Rd. I can’t even tell you how many years I passed right by this place without giving it a second glance. Two years ago, I wanted to take my mother out to dinner somewhere new, but was broke as usual, so I figured I would check out somewhere local. I was really impressed by the quality of their service as well as their affordable prices and large portions of food.

For lunch, you have the option of ordering just an entree with a side of rice or for an extra dollar you get soup and dessert. I went with the upgrade and ordered wonton soup, twice sauteed pork with brown rice, and green tea ice cream. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the ice cream. It just tasted like vanilla ice cream with food coloring. Everything else was great. Boyfriend ordered sushi. He said it was okay. They have really fancy Polynesian drinks, so if you get a chance, try one of those.

And now, I leave you with my very professional cell phone shots of lunch:

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