The Spotlight: Ray Felix

I’m really excited to present a new feature on the blog called The Spotlight. Here’s where I’ll shine the digital spotlight on a Bronxite who’s doing awesome things in the borough. For the inaugural edition, I interviewed the Director of Bronx Comic Con, Ray Felix!

What part of the Bronx are you from?

I grew up on Carpenter Ave and 226th street in a private house. My dad was from Puerto Rico and lived in Spanish Harlem, then moved to University Ave with my mom who was Colombian. When I was born he moved to the North Bronx.

 How did the idea for Bronx Comic Con come about? What was the planning and launching process like?

The idea for heroes based in the Bronx borough came through my growing up reading white heroes that didn’t represent me as an individual and frustration with trying to break into the comic book industry after high school and through college, which led me to self publishing my own comics. The Bronx Heroes Comic Con came about through an art show in which I curated called, “Dream Sequence”. It was composed of both fine art and comics. Bronx Heroes followed the opening of that show as an extension of the exhibit featuring exclusively comic artists.

How was this year’s Comic Con different from last year’s?

This Year’s Bronx Heroes Comic Convention was more focused on careers in the comic industry even more so, because we just didn’t do workshops on drawing or technique, but we  included panels such as “Women in Comics” hosted by Regine Sawyer and “Making it Happen: How to get into the comic industry” hosted by Rob Taylor with guest Eric Battle and N.Steven Harris.
My assistant Vanessa also spearheaded a blood drive which was something we had talked about doing for about a year, since I had returned from Africa with Alex Simmons and Eugene Addams of Kids Comic Con.

 What are your top 3 favorite places in the Bronx?

My three favorite places to go in the Bronx are 1) Bedford Diner, 2) Bruckner Bar and Grill, 3)Home. Because home is where the Heart is. I also like hanging at the Longwood Art Gallery and the Bronx Museum.

 Any upcoming projects or events we should look out for?

I plan to be showcasing the Bronx Heroes at this years “Latin Mixx Conference” in Manhattan this July.( New York Comic Con in October and hopefully we’ll be cooking up with something for the fall, but I can’t say. It’s Top Secret. Stay tuned to our site for updates


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