Starving Artist Cafe Open Mic

Another one of my backlogged posts! But progress is progress. I’m on vacation this week so I hope to be all caught up.

So, I joined the Bronx Meetup group a little while back, but I never got around to attending any of the events. And technically, I got there too late to actually meet anyone without interrupting the performances, so I guess that defeats the purpose, um, but, yeah. I was there. This meetup was at the Starving Artist Cafe‘s Open Mic.

SA has this nice, cozy feel to it, almost as though you were in your living room, but cooler. And of course City Island has that small town feel to it to begin with. There are bookcases brimming with a wide variety of books and board games and a small area in the front for performers. There was actually a nice mix of performers- singers, comedians, poets.

I ate beforehand, so I only ordered a peppermint tea, but my friend ordered a brownie that looked like perfection (I wish I’d gotten a picture) with whipped cream and chocolate syrup drizzled on top. It was delicious. I’d definitely go back.

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