Bronx Week Networking at Babalu

This past Wednesday, The Networks , a site that helps connect professionals for networking opportunities both on and offline, hosted a mixer at Babalu Restaurant on East Tremont. In addition to seeing some familiar faces and meeting people I knew from the Twitterverse, I was able to meet new people as well, including Elba Henriquez of Tootsiez Mobile Salon, Tammy of Fashion Glam Life, and Diva of Nail Me Design.

What was great about this event is that it didn’t have those awkward moments other networking events have where it seems like everyone already knows each other or seem generally unapproachable. I think the ambiance definitely helped with that, too. My photos below definitely don’t do it justice. The bar sweeps across in a large semi-circle with dimmed lights setting the mood throughout the restaurant. My favorite feature was the open seating area which allowed for a nice breeze on a (finally!) nonhumid evening. Plus, who doesn’t love outdoor dining? Unfortunately, I’m battling a cold, so I didn’t get to sample any of the cocktails, though they looked amazing. I know I’ll be back soon, though!

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