R & R at Tones Spa

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being invited to a spa day hosted by Tones Spa and had the opportunity to hang out with the lovely ladies of Mommy’s Mingle, Bronx MamaBX Che@psk@t3,  East Bronx Macaroni Kid, and Boyz Rule Our World.

The spa was beautifully decorated with soothing music and super friendly staff. Catherine, the owner, made sure that everyone was attended to.

I had a paraffin hand treatment, facial, and got my eyebrows threaded. The hand treatment was wonderful. To be honest, my hands look all kinds of grody on a daily basis, but after the treatment they were silky smooth. Because I’m on my whole broke recent college grad thing, I try to convince myself that I can DIY beauty treatments at home and it’ll be the same thing and it’s better because “I’m saving so much money!” but I can tell you that I could NEVER recreate the relaxing and rejuvenating facial experience at Tones. When it was over, Ruby asked, “So, how do you feel?” I said, “I actually look awake.” I felt so relaxed and my skin was glowing. I’d never had my eyebrows threaded before, but afterward I was shocked at how amazing they looked. How could everyone just let me walk around with my Shrek eyebrows this whole time?!  I know I’ll definitely be back and with Mothers’ Day right around the corner, Tones Spa is an ideal and convenient present.

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