A Bronx Paradise

Last night, was the extremely successful opening reception of No Longer Empty’This Side of Paradise at the Andrew Freedman Home. I can’t even express how much I loved this event. From the flappers and dapper gentlemen ready for the speakeasy fundraiser to the wide variety of exhibits, there was something for everyone. And I really mean everyone, the place was packed! It was cool to see so many people in the Bronx for an art event like this (though, as you’ll see below there’s a Post-It note someone left on a mirror. I’m inclined to agree.)  For a little background info on what’s going on, check out my post about the Andrew Freedman Home’s makeover.

I took a ton of pictures (the longest slideshow on the blog to date!), look closely and you may see a piece that made an appearance from my visit to Linda Cunningham’s studio a couple of weeks ago.

Plus, I got to hang out with Adrien Brody.*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*This is a lie. I did not hang out with Adrien Brody. I stood a few feet away from him and smiled awkwardly.

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